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About MMI Sonora

McDonald Machine was founded in 1979, in Belmont, California, near the heart of the Silicon Valley during the onset of the technology revolution. We incorporated in 1982 and in the same year relocated to Sonora, California.

Relocating assisted in MMI's growth. The area enabled us to recruit, develop and retain talented and innovative employees from the surrounding communities. The foothills have given MMI the advantage of a lower cost of living and a better quality of life.

Our campus has grown from an original 8,000 square foot facility to a 32,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.


  • Our mission is to provide world class companies with services that make a positive contribution to the success of their business.
  • It is our goal to engage, develop and retain competent people, harness their enthusiasm and inspire them to excel.
  • To act as a good corporate citizen, acknowledging as one of our priorities to be environmentally conscientious.


MMI has a clear vision for the future; we aim to be the supplier of choice, focusing on high value added services. Our goal is to be recognized as a leading provider of precision machined parts and components in assemblies and sub assemblies. We strive to be the partner of choice for outsourcing needs, aspiring to deliver enhanced value to all our customers.

Our success is based on our cost competitiveness, technical competence and quality performance. These strengths, coupled with our ability to evolve as our industry evolves, are compelling reasons for all potential customers, regardless of their size, to benefit from our range of services. We will continue research and development initiatives to keep us at the leading edge of solutions to our customer's manufacturing needs.

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