MMi has experience manufacturing prototype parts and assemblies for a diverse range of industries, including: medical, aerospace, military, and automotive. Our assembly services incorporate a long list of mechanical fastening, adhesive options, and assembly/component testing. In addition, our material joining includes dip-brazing, laser and ultrasonic welding for assembling varieties of complex products. We are capable of marking, printing, labeling, and engraving operations. We can also fill short run orders as your demand increases, as well as ramp up for full production.

Assembly Services

Assembly testing and inspection Custom fixturing Box Build Assembly


Coil Wound (Solenoid) Brake Assemblies MIG/TIG/Laser/Ultrasonic Welding Adhesive and Fastener Construction Painting Printing & Screening Heat Shrink Press Fit Torque Electrical and Mechanical Testing


Returnable Reusable Custom

Common Post-Processes

Powder Coating Liquid Painting PAD Printing Anodizing Heat Treating Centerless Grinding Honing Castings Molding Silk Screening Hard Coating Passivate Electropolish Consulting

Motor/Encoder housing assembly.  multiple gears assembled to a precision machined housing driven by cables.  All components fabricated, inspected, assembled and tested at MMi