CNC Milling

MMi Sonora's precision milling provides our customers with the best-in-class quality for tight tolerance, custom machined parts. MMi utilizes lean principles to direct operations in an ISO certified facility that is equipped with the latest machining centers. MMi designs, engineers, and manufactures its own fixtures and tooling in house. Through this, we achieve exceptional quality and repeatability for our customers. We work with both common and exotic metals and plastics too numerous to list.

Machining Capabilities

High Density/Large Volume Machining Automated, Lights Out Machining High Speed Milling In-Process Probing

Machining Envelope

Vertical Mill: 20" x 40" x 16" Horizontal Mill: up to 700mm x 850mm cylinder (27.55" x 33.46")

Capable tolerancing

Examples of successfully achieved tolerances True positions of .002" over 19" distance Flatnesses of .0005" on a 16" plane Bore diameters of ±.0002" on 3.5" diameters Profile tolerances of .001" on internal cam slot

Materials Manufactured

Aluminum (all alloys/tempers) Stainless Steels (including 3xx, 4xx, 17-4 (all conditions), 15-5) Alloy steels Copper Plastics (including: peek, ultem, polycarbonate, nylon, delrin, and more) High Nickel alloys

Cosmetic anodized aluminum bowl for plastic resins