CNC Turning

MMi Sonora's meticulous turning technique gives us the ability to machine parts to customers exact requirements. We pride ourselves in having the latest lathe technology, to ensure we can accomplish the most challenging tasks. Our drive to accomplish, and our investment in the technology/processes, is how we achieve exceptional quality and accurate repeatability for our customers. We work with both common and exotic metals and plastics too numerous to list.

Machining Capabilities

Twin Turrets Twin Spindles Live Tooling Bar Feeder Lights Out Machining Custom Workholding In-process touch probing

Machining Envelope

Turning Length: up to 6 ft bars and 19.69" of in-machine workspace Turning Diameter: up to 18 in

Capable Tolerancing

Past tolerances achieved: Diameters: ±.0002 on 3.5" diameters over a 5" length True positions: .001" Runnouts: .001" from Datums created on main spindle to sub spindle

Materials Manufactured

Aluminum (all alloys/tempers) Stainless Steels (including 3xx, 4xx, 17-4 (all conditions), 15-5) Alloy steels Copper Plastics (including: peek, ultem, polycarbonate, nylon, delrin, and more) High Nickel alloys

OFE Copper housing for telecommunications