Gear Cutting

MMi Sonora is a leading supplier of custom cut gears that meet the most demanding tolerance requirements in the industry. Our facilities house gear hobbing, shaping, and milling equipment that gives us the capability to machine  diverse range of tooth forms.  Partnered with the other departments, MMi can create a huge selection of truly custom gears and assemblies. Various heat treating processes are available to enhance wear properties and strengthen the teeth.

Gear Cutting Method

Hobbing Shaping Milling Broaching

Gear Types

Helical Spur Pinion Internal Gear Boxes: Planetary and Spur Rack Worm

Machining Envelopoe and Tolerances

Diameter: .1 to 13 in Depth: .05 to 8 in Tolerance: ± .0001 in AGMA Quality 10

Materials Cut

Aluminum (all alloys/tempers) Stainless Steels (including 3xx, 4xx, 17-4 (all conditions), 15-5) Alloy steels Copper Plastics (including: peek, ultem, polycarbonate, nylon, delrin, and more) High Nickel alloys

2.5" OD, 64 diametral pitch, AGMA Q10 Aluminum motor housing gear